On january 6, several media reported that shaanxi baoji a man's mobile phone number arrears were sold, local china unicom business hall told to spend ten thousand yuan to recover. In response to this, many netizens said:\" shop big deceivers \",\" live money?\", and said that the law does not recognize the name, and operators signed a low-sum agreement is clearly contrary to the common market.


In fact,\" beautiful number \"because of pre-deposited telephone charges, limited packages, minimum consumption, ultra-long contracts and so on repeatedly raised doubts, only about two weeks ago, due to carry the network breach penalty of up to ten thousand yuan,\" sky-price beautiful number\" problem has surfaced.


According to a public report, mr. yang ran a china unicom beauty number 8888 10 years ago.\" It was 500 yuan a month for three years.\" After three years of consumption, mr. yang's number began to use an ordinary package of dozens of yuan. In December 2019, Mr Yang was using the mobile phone number when he found that the phone account had been written off. Unicom staff members told mr. yang that the end of the 8888 beautiful number rate standard is to consume 800 yuan per month, to spend 20 years, that is, the cumulative consumption of ten thousand yuan.


China unicom officials said the number had been written off on april 11,2019, and that if it was to be reloaded, it would have to settle the outstanding fee and re-enforce it in accordance with the current tariff, the report said. At present, china unicom's current terminal number 8888 such as the four company number agreement is: pre-deposited 20,000 yuan telephone charges, monthly consumption of 800 yuan, consumption for 20 years.


Since the end of last year, beautiful number because of the frequent hot search. At the end of 2019, mr. yang of shanxi's taiyuan was told that his mobile phone number had a 20-year valid number agreement, and he would have to pay a penalty of more than ten thousand yuan for breach of contract. In response, china telecom told xinjing reporter,\" the termination of the relevant matters will be strictly in accordance with the terms of the agreement signed with the user to implement, due to the different use of each user, the specific circumstances of the termination of the network with valid documents to the business hall site consultation.\"


In fact, until the launch of the \"carry-on\" service, the issue of \"beautiful\" has been controversial. Some consumers were asked to pay a penalty for breach of contract until 2050 when they first applied for a smart number, while others had a mobile phone number of 6666, which wasn't a \"smart number\" but was called \"smart number\" when they were transferred to China Telecom.


However, the phone's beautiful number is still \"very fragrant \". According to Ali's auction record, an eight-seven mobile phone number fetched 3.91 million in 2017. Beijing News reporter noticed that its starting price of 1.08 million yuan,162 auction records, the auction of 540 people set up a reminder, ten thousand people to watch.


And on the Internet,\" beautiful \"has long been a huge business. Previously, beijing newspaper in a search engine to enter the \"beautiful number\" this keyword, the first five search results are third-party website advertising. Reporter random points into a website, inside all kinds of \"beautiful numbers\" can be described as a dazzling array. There are both multiple serial numbers, but also a variety of highly customized birthday numbers, couple numbers and so on, card from 100 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.


Reporter selected a tail number \"9999\" beautiful number to make an appointment. Subsequently, the site customer service personnel called to inform the price of more than 70,000 yuan. In the telephone, the reporter inquired the website's number origin and the transfer way. The other side said that the number of different, belong to different, some are empty number, the buyer directly with the real name of the ID card registration can be handled, some have been opened in the name of the company or salesman, the stop insurance number can be transferred at any time. More in the company's name. Some numbers have been processed \"pre-registration \", can be registered at any time.


What many people do not know is that they are not the "owners" of cell phone numbers, but "tenants ". According to the "telecommunication network code number resource management method" promulgated in 2003 and revised in 2014, the code number resources belong to the state, and the state implements the system of paid use of the code number resources. To put it simply, the operator ‘ rents a lot of numbers ' from the state and sublets them to every user. Therefore, the agreement between the user and the operator is essentially a lease agreement, said Fu Liang, an independent telecommunications analyst.


Fu Liang said that in the user's eyes, the \"value\" of different numbers is certainly different, which produces the so-called \"beautiful number \". For example, the number \"8888\" is very popular, and some people are even willing to spend more than 100,000 yuan to get such a number. On the opposite side of \"smart numbers\" are less popular numbers, which carriers have to use to attract users with a package and traffic. Fu Liang, for example, like two yuan a catty wholesale a pile of apples, according to the apple's appearance, some can sell to 5 yuan a catty, but some can only sell a catty.


Among the country's bans and user demand, operators have developed a \"workaround\" approach: replacing one-time \"buy-and-sell\" costs with a commitment to the minimum monthly consumption. In the recent \"good name\" controversy, operators have largely taken this approach to signing agreements with users.


However, in the view of Qian Ouyang, a civil and commercial lawyer at Wauhua Law firm in Zhengzhou, because the state does not recognize the so-called \"beautiful number \", the three major operators did not pay extra cost because of the\" beautiful number \"in the process of obtaining the number from the state, but the operators charged extra fees when dealing with users, which is obviously unreasonable. Considering that the mobile communication market is not completely open to competition, the use of mobile numbers is not only a market problem, but also a livelihood problem.


As a matter of fact, article 18 of the aforementioned Measures on the Management of Telecommunications Network Code Resources stipulates that operators of telecommunications services are not allowed to charge users the option fees or occupancy fees. It can be said that operators require \"pretty\" users to promise to eliminate the practice of low, is to play the above provisions of the ball.


Fu Liang believes that under the contradiction that the state does not recognize \"beautiful number\" and the market pursues \"beautiful number \", it is necessary to reflect on the current\" beautiful number \"system. Not only operators and users to negotiate, but also the higher authorities to issue policy norms \"beautiful\" market.