Sweet girls are loved by everyone. They're like little fairies in sugar cans who keep their energy and smile alive. More importantly, they seem to have been treated especially well by the years.


Zhang Shaohan with one's own strength to create the name of anti-sugar, in recent years anti-sugar beauty subject is fried again and again. What about magic or pseudoscience? This issue of \"walk into anti-sugar\" will be revealed for you one by one.


There are two kinds of saccharification reactions in the body: one is glycosylation. Sugars and proteins have a positive biological effect on the human body. The other is non-enzymatic glycosylation, where sugars and proteins combine without enzymes to produce \"ages,\" a disrupter whose name is even aged.


What we call anti-saccharification is the latter, mainly anti-AGEs. Some of the sugar we ingest on a daily basis will be converted into energy, providing energy and good mood for the day of our funeral. And the rest of the non-absorbable sugar will roam the body, resulting in a non-enzymatic glycosylation reaction with protein, fat and nucleic acid binding.


AGEs'destructive power cannot be underestimated. It will accumulate in the body and will chat everywhere, not only with the skills of getting old, fat, black and ugly, but also a variety of health problems. Here are four of its major crimes -


AGEs bind to LDL(cholesterol rich protein), disrupt its normal metabolic procedures and increase lipids in vivo. On the other hand, the increase of androgens and dyssecretion of dermal lipids, so fat and oil production occur synchronously.


The tyrosinase that produces melanin activates when sugar occurs, putting the throttle on it to speed your blackening, and AGEs can hinder melanin metabolism and blacken it.


(3) If you want to start trying anti-sugar, you can cut your carbohydrate intake by between a third and a half by choosing high-quality protein to increase your fullness, that is, eating more meat and eating less.


Exercise helps metabolize excess sugar in the body to increase muscle content, while creatine and carnosine in the muscle also have an anti-sugaring effect. Don't start with swimming, jogging and aerobics. Don't exercise too hard at the beginning.


Anti-sugar work must be done for the entire body system. It doesn't mean just anti-sugar work. Because the skin in the oxidation of free radicals will also promote the body's saccharification reaction, so in the choice of skin care products, we should not only choose products containing anti-sugar ingredients, but also choose products containing anti-oxidation ingredients.


Anti-sugar at the same time pay attention to do a good sunscreen work. We have anti-sugar ingredients in our body, but strong ultraviolet rays can damage the anti-sugar ingredients we carry, so doing a good job of sunscreen can protect our own it, let our skin \"self\" to anti-sugar.


Daily diet should pay attention to proper control of sugar intake, diet as far as possible to avoid some high sugar food. In addition to anti-sugar is good for the skin, the most important point is to be able to delay aging, maintain the female muscle, starting from the daily.


Okra is rich in'myxin' ingredients that coat sugar, control sugar absorption, and rich in carotene and vitamin C. Can strengthen the protection of female gastrointestinal mucosa, but also improve body immunity, mucus can increase the elasticity of the skin.


Mushrooms are rich in water-soluble plant fiber to effectively reduce the absorption rate of sugar and inhibit the effect of increasing blood sugar. Fungi have beauty effects, and very low-calorie, even in the weight loss of the baby can rest assured to eat.


Small black pills are used to absorb excess sugar and AGEs in the body through the bamboo charcoal essence of extreme particles. Its bamboo charcoal essence is very safe,100% Japanese edible pure activated bamboo charcoal, plus 85 natural enzymes to promote recycling to accelerate the metabolism of waste in the body, do not give them the opportunity to produce saccharification reaction to combat aging.


Has the soybean essence which prevents the saccharification reaction, prevents the saccharification material accumulation wild rose essence extract, degrades the already saccharified green plum essence extract outstanding anti-sugar effect, lets the skin reappear luster bright.


Many people have the illusion of anti-sugar = not eating sugar. Sugar is one of the body's sources of energy, not that all sugar cannot be consumed. Let's see how much thunder we've stepped on.


You can be happy. So there's a scientific basis for treating the lovelorn with desserts. You will not have enough energy to exercise daily, mood irritability, girls are also prone to physical disorders.


Anti-sugar allows your skin to meet the years in a healthy and natural state, avoiding excessive sugar erosion of the skin, but it cannot stop time and ultraviolet rays, nor can it defeat the laziness of Fat House. To have the obvious effect of transformation or to do a good skin care and exercise.


In fact, our body itself has the ability to resist saccharification, but as we grow older and are affected by changes in the internal and external environment, our body's ability to resist saccharification will gradually weaken. In addition, contemporary people very much like to stay up late to repair immortals, stay up late will make the body's metabolism slow, sugar cannot be absorbed and transformed in time, will be free in the body, looking for the materials needed for saccharification reaction. It's one of the reasons why you stay up late


Who is sweeter with candy and rice? The former, of course. But in fact, high starch food is your biggest enemy on the anti-sugar road. You quit dessert, but you still lose to sugar by eating two large bowls of rice a day, and the anti-sugar diet reduces your intake of high-starch foods. In addition to the selection of ingredients mentioned in figure 3 and the adjustment of dietary proportions, you can eat more stewed food, less sauce, and sometimes salty and high sugar to adjust the diet a little lighter.


There are foods that themselves contain a lot of AGEs, such as foods cooked over high temperatures (fried, roasted, fried), red meat, etc. After intake, some of the ages can enter the body's blood. According to US academic articles, the typical high AGEs foods are - fried bacon, roast beef sausages, grilled chicken legs with a skin, fried steak and so on.


What's more important than how much you eat on the anti-sugar road is what you eat. If the fairies are in trouble with selection, here's a list of food GIs for your reference.

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