Many fans have been brushed all day by an old photo circulated on the social network after Wu Lei's La Liga tie-up with Aguero and Messi on Friday.


For this opportunity, the children will be a day in advance from the base by boat to the city, after the rest of the afternoon to the Yuanshen Stadium to join the Argentine team training. Wu Lei's photo with Messi and Aguero was taken after this training session.


East Asian club also informed the Shanghai media to go to the source deep stadium interview, but the Argentine team chose to completely closed, we can only after the end of the training, asked a few small players and superstars against the feeling.


Wu Lei is most impressed with his position against the Mascherano. \"One is to stand and anticipate, with clear thinking, on the route you want to attack. Then there's his delivery, and it's good enough to be a world-class back. There's so much I've learned from this training.


Messi of that year, just past his 21st birthday, is not the emperor's superstar, Barcelona's leading brother is also Ronaldinho. But the Beijing Olympics are destined to be an important start to Messi's career:


Di Maria's lightning strike at the Bird's Nest and Argentina's 1-0 defeat to Nigeria was the only honour of Messi's national team's career, and the gold medal also brought Messi to the fore, beating Manchester United twice to win the Champions League in three years after returning to Barcelona.


At the time of the Beijing Olympics, Wu Lei was under 17, and the East Asian team could only be a rotator. On August 30, after the Olympics, Wu Lei only scored a goal in Shanghai's East Asian team's battle with Qingdao Hailifeng, aged 16 and 289 days.


Like Messi, Wu Lei also laid his place in the team in 2009- that was in the Jinan National Games, in the Zibo quarter-finals to face Wu Xi-led Hebei, Wu Lei's second-half header to help Shanghai reach the semi-finals.


Then with the host Shandong semi-finals, Wu Lei penalty shootout steady hit the penalty, Shanghai team into the final cup. Wu Lei, less than 18 years old, cashed in his talent.


In fact, after the Olympic training ground that meeting, Wu Lei and Messi almost no more intersection, except in early 2013 after the East Asian team upgrade Xu Genbao led the team to Spain, by the way to the Nou Camp to watch the game.


But Wu Lei and Ronaldo once met in business activities. Wu Lei asked Ronaldo how he should be promoted, thought it was just a polite dialogue, did not expect the Portuguese superstar to give good advice:


“You've already played well, but your left foot can be strengthened, and you'll be better off in the future if you've trained with the ball for 10-15 minutes."


That was the story of the summer of 2017, and Wu Lei said he had targeted his left foot in training as required by Ronaldo, which really worked. In the 2018 season, Wu Lei scored 27 league goals to help Hong Kong get the league title.


“Ten years ago, the ball boy (Wu Lei) came to me for a photo. "Now he's the best football player in China," Aguero wrote specifically on social media after his 2018 victory in Hong Kong.