In the cold autumn and winter season, clearly a down jacket can solve the problem, a lot of fashion icon like to wear a few coats, such a style in the end what kind of charm? The techniques are most common in the autumn and winter, and the combination of clothing in the shape will have the effect of folding. Although folding is easy to form, it doesn't mean that you can create a sophisticated shape by matching it at will.


Often the laminated shape will appear more layered, richer, and through the multi-layer clothing overlay shape can also be a good response to the change of temperature difference between morning and afternoon. The weather is hot clothes layer by layer off, cold layer by layer wear, the shape is also very simple to create.


Building overlay can be matched according to weather conditions and styling style, after all, choose different individual products or overlay effect changes will affect styling style. Individual items in the design of the style is easy to produce the effect of lamination, just like high-necked shirt, shirt or hoodie is a good choice to create a laminated shape, and the result of the creation is also very outstanding.


The overlapping effect shown at the neckline, door flap, hem and cuff in the shape will be more obvious, so the details can be handled in these parts when matching, making the shape more characteristic.


In the autumn and winter, the high-neck sweater is very good, can match the various styles of the coat, and make the shape of warmth also become better, plus the high-neck features used to create a laminated look is very suitable. Whether it's a single-layer overlay, or a multi-layer overlay high-neck effect will be the highlight of the shape.


The colorful sweater style makes the shape more outstanding, the shape in the neck or cuff formation of the lamination to make the shape feel better, sometimes simple details change will make the shape stand out in the crowd.


With a turtleneck paired with a suit, the neck becomes a visual focus, with a vest looking more sedate and layered, jeans and leather boots making the look more casual for everyday commuting.


High-necked sweater with a suit and coat when the elegant gentleman, high-necked sweater can resolve the seriousness of the suit, plus a woolen coat shape simple atmosphere, in the indoor take off the coat shape is still very gentlemanly style.


Put on fashionable even hat guard dress to match a coat shape appears to be very attractive, hat and coat naturally formed a sense of space so that the shape immediately enriched, so the shape how to wear will not appear monotonous.


It's also a popular fashion icon to wear a hoodie with a suit, but the style of the suit will be dominated by casual style, so the shape is better controlled. At this time with jeans or casual style trousers can show the trendy tone.


The shape of the inner hoodie not only has a strong sense of hierarchy, but also easy to wear a youthful sense of fashion, for the keen sports street style partners, with a hoodie to create a laminated look is worth recommending.


In addition to the most direct single-layer overlay, hat-wear can also create multi-layer wear shape, add other clothing to the inside, but to control the layout of the single product to maintain the comfort of the shape.


The appearance of a denim jacket in a laminated look is also high, with a high-necked sweater or shirt on top of it, and the contrast between a denim jacket and other items in the fabric makes the look even more eye-catching.


With a blue denim jacket in the black-toned look, the visual impact of the look became stronger, accentuated by the street chic feel of a pair of sneakers.


In the shape can clearly see the neckline and the door part formed the effect of folding, so that the three-dimensional sense of the shape is very strong, so that the dark Onetone style modeling will not be outstanding dull monotonous.


The denim jacket appears triangular in shape at the top and bottom of the door through the change of buttons, plus the exposed collar and pants color echo, these local subtle changes can add a lot to the look. The lower-body look with a suit and leather shoes is the first choice for business style, while the inner-lap denim jacket look has become casual chic.


Fold through the shape is nothing more than to deal with the internal lap, so the choice of individual products is very important. The large lapel jacket and coat collar form a sense of hierarchy, and a high-necked sweater inside the shape of a lot of personality.


A down jacket with a thin or vest style is a better way to keep warm, and it's better to cope with weather changes than a single down jacket.


The inside-up pattern is slightly longer than the coat, can form a fold-through at the hem, but also to control the length of the hem, this is also to maintain a better shape of the visual proportion.


To create a classic style of tooling often use the technique of folding, but no matter the shirt or jacket should be arranged in an orderly manner, so that the shape will not be too much clothing on the body to create a sense of chaos. The upper body modeling is rich in layers, the lower body can be simpler, such a dense contrast to make the shape more appropriate.

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