The parents of American boys who were crushed by IKEA's \"problem drawer cabinet\" have reached a settlement with IKEA. The lawyer representing the boy's parents told the crowd that IKEA would pay $46m (100m yuan) to the boy's parents.


In response to a written interview, ikea's china district public relations manager, yang Fan, said ikea had reached a settlement with the u.s. family on december 18,2019.\" Although there was no way to change the sad event, ikea thanked the family and all those affected for reaching a resolution.\"


Ikea, founded in sweden in 1943, has become the world's largest household goods company with more than 300 stores in 29 countries or regions, according to public information. In 1998, IKEA opened its first mall in Shanghai, and since then, with the dividends of China's rapid economic growth, IKEA's business in China has expanded rapidly. At present, IKEA has 30 stores and experience centers in China.


It is reported that the above accident occurred in 2017, causing the accident is IKEA MALM series drawer cabinet. In their appeal, the boy's parents accused ikea of knowing it was at risk of overturning the drawer cabinet and had injured or even killed a number of children, without warning consumers to attach it to the wall.


Chinese consumers are also no stranger to IKEA's MALM series drawer cabinets. In 2016, IKEA announced a recall of 8 million MALM series cabinets in North America due to frequent security concerns, but said the same products on the Chinese market were not among the recalls.


Although IKEA finally agreed to recall the MALM series drawer cabinet products in the Chinese market after several departments, including China's General Administration of Market Supervision, the \"double-standard \"approach to Chinese and American consumers reflected in the recall has still been criticized by domestic consumers.


Foreign consumers are also hardly satisfied with IKEA's recall, with the boy's parents saying they had not been notified of the recall of the drawer cabinet they were involved in in in 2016. They argue that IKEA's recall notice on the drawer cabinet involved failed to effectively inform consumers and asked IKEA to improve its notification procedures.


A lawyer representing the boy's parents said the settlement required ikea to meet \"parents against dumping\" with the safety advocacy group to let more consumers know about recalls of faulty furniture products.


IKEA China Public Relations Manager Yang Fan said IKEA is still trying to explore and seek cooperation to address this very important family safety issue. Product safety is the top priority of IKEA and the core of the daily product design process.


China's ikea (china) website lists 13 recalls in china since 2014, with an average of more than twice a year, financial reporters noted.


Also a drawer cabinet product, in April 2019, IKEA had submitted a recall plan to the State Administration of Market Supervision and Management, and decided to recall some of the imported Sanway baby changing table\/drawer cabinet products. According to statistics, the total number of affected products in mainland China is 13478.


In October 2019, IKEA recalled children's products, this recall is part of the imported Matvero bib (red\/blue 2-piece set). It is reported that the buttons on the Matvero bib (red\/blue 2-piece set) in the scope of the recall may fall off when pulling hard, and if the child swallowed the button, there is a risk of suffocation.


Although ikea's china public relations manager, yang fan, previously responded to a written interview with china.com, saying that product safety has always been the top priority for ikea, ikea has a complete quality control system to ensure that ikea products comply with the relevant laws and standards in the sales market. However, the quality of the product has not disappeared.


Among them, published on December 9,2019, the nominal production enterprise is \"producer: IKEA Sweden Limited domestic authorized agency: IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd. importer\/distributor: IKEA Trading (China) Co., Ltd.\" produced on December 10,2018, the nominal trademark is\" IKEA \"? A DJUNGEL SKOG cushion with non-qualified color fastness to dry friction.


Regarding the above DJUNGEL SKOG cushion is not qualified, IKEA China Public Relations Manager said that the tested batch of you Engels Kug cushion has a \"dry friction fastness\" dispute, the related batch has been removed. The Yu Engels Kug cushion being sold has been tested for \"color fastness to dry friction\" in accordance with relevant regulations.


On January 6,2020, the nominal production by \"IKEA Sweden Limited domestic authorized agency: IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd.\", the nominal trademark is\" IKEA \", batch number is \"seat and backrest 20180914, other accessories (inspection sample 20180919, standby sample 20180921)\" Ofi children's desk chair products, warning signs are not up to standard.


The ikea china public relations manager said the test batch of ofi children's desk chairs lacked a warning sign for \"adults to install, children to stay away \". Due to the spot check, the product of the inspection number has been shut down, and the product has been removed. Other items on sale are complete with a warning sign for the ophi children's desk chair.


Ikea's china public relations manager responded to a reporter's interview by saying that ikea always sees product quality and safety as its top priority. Through the quality management system covering the full value chain, IKEA will do its best to provide consumers with better quality furniture and household products.